Titanic Discovery


For decades, it was thought only 711 survived the sinking of the Titanic. Then they discovered the wreck. On September 1, 1985, 73 years after its sinking, the luxury passenger liner RMS Titanic was finally located.

Lying upright and broken in two, it had remained in the same position 2.5 miles beneath the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean since that doomed early morning of April 15 1912 when its maiden voyage from Southampton UK to New York City came to an abrupt end. She had been ravaged by seven decades of exposure to icy temperatures, corrosive saltwater, crushing pressure and a myriad of destructive marine organisms. Yet hope remained high that the magnificent teak that once adorned her opulent decks might somehow have survived the ordeal.

When she was found, explorers weren’t disappointed. Indeed, not only was every premium grade piece found well preserved, but it was “in astonishingly good condition” – from the polished handrails, poolside steamer chairs and Grand Staircase to the handsome chairs and hand-carved columns of the first-class Turkish Bath.

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