How Ethical is Your Furniture?

How Ethical is Your Furniture?


Anyone wishing to live a more eco-conscious life should start by looking a little closer to home. In the home, in fact. Finding furniture that was sourced and produced ethically can be difficult, especially when so many brands are less than transparent about their processes.

When you want to find furniture for your home that’s sustainable, ethical and of a high quality, where do you begin?

You can start by working through a simple checklist, and then you can look for official stamps of approval on the products you love.

● Materials: Are the materials certified by a 3rd party and have they been sourced using legal methods?
● Production Method: Has the furniture been made in a way that minimises its impact on the environment?
● Finishes: Are coatings and protective paints non-toxic and safe for the environment and your family?
● Durability: Will your piece of furniture go the distance? Buying furniture with a long life cycle is a good way to reduce your footprint.

Ethical Wood Practices

Illegally logged wood is damaging to the economies of some of the world’s poorest countries, whilst also endangering species and locals, and causing mass deforestation. It’s no fun for anyone and at a time when Fair Trade is becoming a central focus in most markets, certain members of the furniture industry have begun to take notice.

The SVLK Timber Legality Verification was created as an agreement between the EU and Indonesia to verify that wood products sourced from Indonesia come from wood that has been legally harvested.

You can be sure that the timber product you purchase was sourced legally and morally by looking for the Indonesian legal wood logo and registration number.

A Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) is also an agreement between the EU and tropical wood exporting countries, to signify the importation of wood from legal sources. The aim of the movement is to tackle illegal deforestation and poverty, and encourage development.

Look for the VPA approved logo on your wooden pieces of furniture to be confident that it came from sustainable, legal plantations.

High-quality Furniture with a Conscience

Jati is dedicated to continuing to provide high-quality furniture that is sourced and produced ethically. With both the SVLK and VPA approvals for our premium teak pieces, customers can be confident that furniture from Jati is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our pieces stand for our values – and they stand the test of time. Quality and craftsmanship have always been our priorities, and our five-year warranty on outdoor teak furniture is testament to this.

When you want to live ethically, don’t give into cheap imports that are damaging to the planet and the people that live there.

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