Jati – Quality and Sustainability


With the influx of cheap foreign imports, it’s easy to lose sight of products that genuinely stand for quality and sustainability. Australian-owned outdoor furniture house, Jati, has always adopted a passionate stance against immoral wood practices.

In January 2014, the Europe Union and Indonesia confirmed an agreement aimed to end the illegally sourced wood trade. Under these new laws, Indonesian exports will be approved via a Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK). This will ensure all timber products conform to the timber regulations, and require a registration number and an Indonesian legal wood logo. This movement will stop the illegal logging, transportation, purchase or the sale of timber products from Indonesia. A Volunteer Partnership Agreement (VPA) allows companies who provide sustainable and environmentally friendly sourced materials to showcase their good wood habits.

In recognition of their ethical stand, Jati will now be one of a select few companies to have both the SVLK and VPA approval for their teak products. All Jati teak pieces will showcase the VPA approved logo, allowing customers to proudly purchase premium grade teak pieces made from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. Jati’s long-standing advocacy for sustainably sourced teak and their use of premium materials and value for quality workmanship are testament to the Jati range.

Jati teak is also backed by a generous five-year warranty, further reassurance of the quality of their pieces. Visit the Jati showroom today in Sydney and Melbourne

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