The Magic of Decorating Your Home in Pairs

The Magic of Decorating Your Home in Pairs


They say that good things come in threes, but what about the magic of pairs?

When it comes to decorating a space, no matter how big or small, there are certain things that work within interior design. Decorating in pairs is more than just a fleeting trend- it’s a style that has stood the test of time and certainly isn’t going anywhere.

From pairing small homeware accessories like vases and lamps, to larger pieces of furniture like sofas, cabinets and tables, we’re all about doubling up. Whether you’re in to flawless symmetry or simply doubling up, our love of pairs isn’t going anywhere, and neither should yours.

Keep reading to find out why two is always better than one and how the magic of pairs can truly change your living space for the better.


Sofas and Chairs

First things first, remember that symmetry is your friend. Whether you’re decorating your living room, your outdoor dining space or simply your garden area, you can create a particularly cohesive conversation area for your guests or yourself and family to enjoy when you double up on your seating arrangements. We recommend getting two of the Sorrel Armchair for an outdoor living space designed to invite all those that visit!


Storage Duos

Well, you can never have enough storage, especially when it comes to all of your backyard equipment or amenities such as blankets and cushions that you need to protect from the unpredictable weather. A number of purposes can be met when it comes to doubling up on bookcases, chest of drawers and outdoor storage products. Not only does it tick all of the chic interior design boxes, but in terms of architecture, you can really frame a room or space by doubling up.


Coffee Tables

On a more minor scale, slightly smaller pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and even footstools can act as decorative injections for your space. Although they are a lot smaller than sofas and larger accent pieces, a doubled up industrial style coffee table can still make a huge impact when placed in the right spot. Like we said, there’s a magic about decorating in pairs and if the interior design style in your home is pretty minimal our Como Side Table can be used to display small plants, books or more; a quirky yet sophisticated addition to the home.


Accessorise Accessorise!   

From lamps, to funky ornaments and pieces of art, accessorising in pairs will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home, something that’s well known in the world of interior design. In terms of art, pieces that differ slightly are great duos to add to your collection as they are less ‘matchy matchy’. No matter the kind of home you live in or whether it changes over the years, pairs of accessories will always work. Other decorative pieces that work well together are mirrors, small storage baskets, so take note!

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