The Outdoor Furniture Winter Survival Guide

The Outdoor Furniture Winter Survival Guide


If leaving your furniture outdoors to battle the elements during these cooler, wetter winter months gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. As the days become shorter, the nights become darker and you become less inclined to relax in your courtyard of an evening, your outdoor furniture could be at risk of damage.

During the summer, the heat protects your furniture from germs and bacteria, because it’s simply too hot for them to survive. Damp conditions, on the other hand, are a breeding ground for mould and rot. And the outcome isn’t pretty.

If your outdoor furniture isn’t equipped to handle the rain when the Australian temperature takes a drop, your beloved items can end up looking a bit worse for wear.

Be prepared all year round with this winter survival guide for your outdoor tables, chairs and lounges.

Apply an Extra Layer

Most outdoor furniture is designed to be able to withstand some backlash from the weather. More often than not, wooden and stainless steel pieces are coated with rust-proof and weatherproof paint. Of course, when Mother Nature emerges, she likes to chip away at this protective coating.

Take time to recoat your precious outdoor furniture and give it some extra shielding against wind, rain and sun.

Choose Weather-Resistant Furniture

The rewards of good quality always outlast the rewards of low price. By investing in furniture that you can leave outside (yes, it exists), you won’t have to worry about the deterioration of your items for years to come.

Premium grade teak furniture truly stands the test of time. In fact, the timeless teak bench that stands tall at the same church that housed Elton John’s marriage, still looks beautiful at over 17 years old.

Manufactured to world-class standards, teak is extremely stable and resistant to decay, whatever weather conditions it’s exposed to. You can leave your teak furniture out in the open without any worry that its condition will be anything less than excellent

Buy a Heater & Enjoy Your Space

In Australia, we love being outdoors. Whether we’re al fresco dining, entertaining friends or just enjoying the beauty of nature, we don’t want to give up on life’s little pleasures.

Don’t let the cold push you away; bring the heat to your space and continue to enjoy the stunning area around your home. Take into account the size of your area and how well it can retain heat. Then, you can get creative. Choose between ethanol, wood, gas, electricity and open fires for stylish heating that allows you to make the most of your garden from January to December.

Sacrifice the Scatter Cushions

There’s no doubt about it; fabric is rain’s number 1 victim. Though your outdoor area may look fresh in this season’s green hues and muted tones, bring your scatter cushions indoors during the harsher seasons to extend their life.

Our range of sleek cushions fit perfectly on your outdoor furniture and are covered in Sunbrella acrylic canvas fabrics that are water, UV and stain resistant, so you and your guests can experience complete comfort in any weather.

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