Four Ways to Decorate Your Home with House Plants for Spring

Four Ways to Decorate Your Home with House Plants for Spring


Spring is finally here, and we’re embracing all things that add a sense of brightness to our home. A change of cushions, maybe some lighter bed linen, and the outdoor furniture is certainly out in full force.

With that in mind, adding a touch of green décor to your indoor and outdoor living areas could be exactly what you need to spruce up your home. A little fresh greenery can go a long way in terms of sprucing up your home, especially if you put some thought in to how you decorate your new leafy little housemates!

Keep reading for our favourite four tips on how to make a big impact with low maintenance plants and turn your home and outdoor living area in to a whimsical garden of dreams.

Back to Basics  

If you like what you see and you’re keen to make a change to a minimal style home without over doing it, it’s time to add a little something green to your space. A really simple houseplant will go a long way! Try planting a Viper’s bowstring hemp plant in a cement plant pot and position it in front of a simple white wall. Low maintenance plants are the way to go if you like to keep things stripped back.

Centre Pieces

You know what they say about there being power in numbers? That’s definitely true when it comes to bringing a number of houseplants, flowers and cute home décor together. We recommend dedicating a space on your patio or near your dining area with a group of plants on the floor, benches and even small coffee tables. Think of it as the centre piece of your outdoor living space!

Decorative Seating

Sure, garden benches are for sitting on, but why not keep them company with some varied houseplants. It’s all about getting creative when it comes to using pot plants as decorative pieces in your home. If you spend a lot of time relaxing in your garden or veranda, simple touches like this will add an inviting and homely vibe to your space. Try decorating the Creswick Bench with lots of beautiful decorative plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

Take Advantage

If you simply haven’t got the space, take advantage of bare walls and areas that you can hang plants from without taking up unnecessary room. There’s so many options, but why not try adding some low maintenance plants such as succulents or aloe to floating shelves or a wall caddy system. Think big impact, little space.

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