How to Master Eclectic Decór

How to Master Eclectic Decór


Ever gone to a home with stunning interiors, only to have no idea as to its style name? While French provincial designs are a-dime-a-dozen and everyone knows what constitutes modern contemporary, sometimes a room’s items are so disparate that you can’t place the theme.

If that’s the case, you were most likely in a home showcasing “eclectic décor”, a stunning clash of different ideas, colours, textures and eras that just seem to go together, much like Jazz music personified.

The style movement dates back to early 1800’s but it’s been a method of interior design since the dawn of man; Often coming about due to necessity rather than choice.

If you’ve already got a set of items but aren’t sure what to pair them with, here are some eclectic design ideas to help you master the style and make the most of your current assets.


Mixing Eras:

While it may seem alien to match a mid-century nest with modern minimalist sofa, matching items from different time periods lies at the crux of the eclectic style. Pair different items with each other in each space and aim to balance items against one other based on their characteristics. Some gilded items may benefit from having two simple items surrounding it, it’s all about testing to see what creates harmony rather than clashes.


Precious Metals:

If you’ve got the old furniture placed but aren’t sure how to add modern elements, add some items into the mix with metal finishes. Whether it’s a chrome vase or lamps with iron stands, adding metals is an alchemistic treat that instantly ads glamour and modernity to a room’s over ambiance. For a classic look, opt for items showcasing some gold. For a look that’s more current, try items with rose gold finishings. Silver will create a more futuristic or Scandinavian vibe.


A Consistent Colour Palette:

While you may feel that eclectic interior design provides more freedom than not, be careful that the whole thing doesn’t start turning into a chaotic disaster. You’ll need to make sure everything ties together and the only way to do so is to ensure that your items are a part of the same colour palette. Choose a colour scheme and stick with it to create harmony amongst the discord.


Art Art Art:

The piece de resistance of the eclectic home. Be sure that you’re decorating your walls and table tops have plenty of art. From large posters to Romanesque busts, adding art to the home creates an air of timelessness, making your furniture further transcend its original time period and original functions. Choose items that you absolutely love and opt for monochrome frames to add to the overall elegance of the pieces.

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