How to Master the art of Minimalism in your home

How to Master the art of Minimalism in your home


For many people, changing up their space and ‘decluttering’ can seem like a daunting idea. For the minimalist however, there’s no better feeling.

If you live a busy lifestyle, cleaning and keeping your home tidy requires a level of attention that you may not have time to give, which is why the concept of minimalism for your home is not only aesthetically appealing but can also do wonders for your state of mind.

The minimalist style of interior design is one of our favourites, from laid-back luxury to industrial style minimalism, we’re hooked. If you’re unsure on how to turn your home into a minimalist space of dreams, here are our top tips to help you kick start your interior design transformation.


Declutter Your Surfaces

Whether it’s bills, mail, car keys, school bags, your sneakers at the front door or random things that you’re unsure of where they even came from – if your surfaces are covered in clutter, it’s time to say bye-bye. If you have any hope in achieving the minimalist look in your home, then you’ll have to ask yourself what you truly need and organise your belongings depending on priority. To ensure that your surfaces stay clear of junk, choose a particular spot for everything and make sure you keep them there.


Quality over Quantity

Since you’re not going to have much to work with, we advise you to really think about the furniture you do choose for your space. The idea behind minimalist interior design is to make sure that the space is inviting without having to overdo it, which is why quality over quantity always wins. Choose well-made pieces of furniture that are built to last, whether you’re decorating your indoor or outdoor space. Aluminium is everything – not only is minimal maintenance required but it adds an industrial and cool type of vibe to your area, and it can be accessorized exactly how you want. Our Balcon Table could just be the perfect fit.


Stylish Storage

So, you might of ‘cleared the clutter’, but we’re sure for those of you that are totally new to the whole minimalism thing, there’s going to be some extra objects loitering around that you haven’t got the heart to kick to the curb. Luckily for you guys, we’re one step ahead. Invest in some stylish storage pieces that you can sneakily store items in, without ruining your sleek exterior. We’ll allow you to hold on to some kind of chaos as long as it’s well and truly hidden from the naked eye.


Keep it Neutral

Minimalist interior design is all about creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere within your home, which is why neutral hues work best with a decluttered space. This way, you can really make the room pop when you add accessories, from plants, to colourful and arty cushions or rugs. Neutrals are certainly classic, but never boring, so we recommend a palette of biscuits, beiges, greys, and ‘greige’.

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