Tech Trends for Your Dream Outdoor Entertainment Space

Tech Trends for Your Dream Outdoor Entertainment Space


With the weather improving already (thank you Spring!), the chances are you’re about to use your backyard a lot more. Whether you’re hosting evenings with friends, family or just yourself, there are so many modern trends emerging that will help turn your home into a backyard paradise.

That’s right, why not turn your own home and outdoor area into your very own entertainment space, designed to rival luxurious holiday homes fit for the A-list. Just like the smart technologies that you have going on inside your home, it’s now time to take them outdoors too.

Adding technology to your backyard can actually make your life so much easier, and definitely a lot more fun when you are having guests over to entertain.

Keep reading for our favourite garden tech trends, perfect for your outdoor entertainment space.


Getting Grill’d

Whether you’re you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen area or you’re going to be popping in and out of your indoor kitchen, things just got a little easier for you. When you’re in charge of the grill, you can often find yourself missing out on things going on during the gathering. Fast forward to 2018, and there are now apps and digital thermometers that actually monitor your food. Yep – instead of spending your whole day at the grill, you can enjoy yourself and your device will simply alert you when your food is done. Burgers at the ready!


Just Like A Movie 

One of our favourite trends that havez evolved for outdoor living areas, is the inclusion of TV’s or projector screens in your backyard. Think outdoor cinema, but in the comfort of your own home! Thanks to the modern convenience of flat screen televisions, it’s now super easy to add a TV pretty much wherever you want it. There’s always the option of a projector and a water proof screen too – as long as your appliances are sheltered from bad weather then you’re good to go. Try making a little cosy area with lounges, a coffee table and chairs for your own midnight viewings… Netflix and popcorn at the ready!


Let’s Get Loud

Whether you’re into old school classics, mellow jazz, or even a bit of reggae, we’re all about enjoying the music outside. Why should listening to your favourite tunes be relegated to your bedroom? During the summer months, you deserve to spend your time outside, and nowadays waterproof speakers, solar powered speakers and underground subwoofers have been designed to put the bass into your backyard. Installing some form of outdoor speaker technology can truly add a fun as well as a tranquil atmosphere to your outdoor entertainment space – just remember to respect thy neighbours!


All of The Lights 

Since you’re jazzing up your outdoor entertainment space with the latest technology, why not add some coloured lights to your landscape? Whether you’re enjoying al fresco dining, or having a midnight dip in the pool, lights are a great way of adding a modern feel to your backyard and can really liven up a simple space. Add some contemporary sun loungers to the area and you’ve got your very own European style villa.


Just remember…

We’ve got all of the accessories and furniture that you need to accompany your newly equipped backyard of tech dreams – versatile, durable and easy on the eye, Jati furniture will add a little luxe to your life.

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