Simple Tips for Hosting the perfect stress-free Brunch

Simple Tips for Hosting the perfect stress-free Brunch


Spring is finally here, which means sunny days are upon us.

Sunnier days bring with them the happy, sociable vibes that Winter so cruelly demolished. Sunnier days also encourage eating out in the sun, in particular – brunching.  Whilst everyone loves a good old brunch date, it’s not often we actually host the delicious course ourselves.

But, after trying it out ourselves, we can confirm that brunching at home is underrated! It’s less expensive and certainly more kid-friendly if you’ve got a family. Sure, hosting a brunch and entertaining for a large group can seem a little intimidating, but it should be anything but!

We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you eliminate any stress you may feel about entertaining, to host a Spring brunch effortlessly. From no-fuss floral delights, to simple details that your guests will love, we’ve got you covered.

By following a few of our simple brunch ideas we promise that you’ll host the perfect brunch, no stress AND who knows? You may actually enjoy it…


Don’t Match… Mix!

Our first rule of simple and stress-free entertaining: don’t pressure yourself to be PERFECT. No one’s expecting fancy tableware – all you need to do is keep your place settings simple and add a little twist that shows off your personality. Anything from tying your cutlery together with cute thread or twine to mixing and matching vintage style teacups will add that extra something you’re looking for. We recommend searching on Pinterest for cute brunch ideas that are simple and cost next to nothing!


Floral Delight

This is one of our favourite parts! Making little flower arrangements out of one large bouquet of flowers is actually a simple and really affordable way of creating flower arrangements to fill your whole table. Whether you’re filling a large or small sized dining table, we recommend you keep your pretty flower arrangements small and low so that your guests are able to see each other and chat! All you need to do is cut the flowers into smaller bunches and tuck them in to small vases or even large pitchers. Easy!


Function over Frills

Of course, the food that you’re going to be serving for brunch is one of the most important things, but before anything else, you’ll need to focus on functionality. Seating plans and colour schemes can wait. You need to make sure there’s room in your space for the amount of people you’re seating, and if there isn’t enough room around the table, why not opt for some outdoor lounge seats? Comfortable and casual, they’re the perfect chilled-out addition that you need for your outdoor living area. As long as people don’t have to stand whilst they eat, everyone’s happy!


Simple Dishes

Don’t feel like you have to serve typical breakfast food- with brunch, anything goes! When you’re entertaining, the food almost takes second seat to the fun and relaxed atmosphere that you create for your guests, so don’t spend time stressing over difficult recipes. Why not go for some sweet and savory options, as well as a little healthy salad or veggie dish that people can pick at? As for cocktails… don’t fix what isn’t broken! Mimosas all the way.

If you’re hosting your first brunch, dinner or gathering, we’ve got a versatile range of furniture and accessories that could be the ideal addition to your home.

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