When gazing out of your window at your back yard or garden makes you feel claustrophobic, you know it’s time to make a change. Your outdoor living space should be a haven – your place to relax alone or with friends to enjoy Australia’s natural beauty, even if you haven’t got much room to play around with.

Don’t let a limited space inhibit the enjoyment you get out of your garden – and don’t settle for a substandard layout that is drained of any personality. You can get the area just right with these 5 styling tips for maximising your outdoor space, even when it’s a little cramped out there.

1. Create the Illusion of Space

The furniture and accessories you choose when designing your garden can have a massive impact on a tiny area. Go for low seating (like the Casilda Modular Sofa) that will create a cocoon effect and won’t obstruct views, and place plants in corners as anchors.

Use the same tones for your outdoor furniture as you use in the room closest to the garden, whether that’s a kitchen, living room or dining room. This will create more of a flow through the entire space and blur the distinction between outdoors and indoors.

2. De-weed & De-clutter

There’s no better way to clear the mind, than to clear the living space. You’ll find that simply tidying up your garden will give it a new lease of life. Prune hedges that are starting to become overbearing and get to work on pulling out any unwanted greenery.

If you’re low on space for plant life, but you want to brighten up the area, hanging baskets and vertical gardens take up less room than other types of flowers.

3. Consider your Lifestyle

Ask yourself; What will I be using this space for? Then, plan your outdoor furniture and the flow of your space around the answer.

If you spend most of your time alone, soaking up the sun, you can afford to invest in a sunlounger that takes up a lot of the room outdoors. If you have a large family, or you enjoy hosting dinner parties, the main focus should be an outdoor table and chairs set. When your garden allows you to do the things you like doing most, you’ll have more chances to enjoy it.

4. Keep it Modern

Even if you’re limited to a balcony or small yard, there’s no need to design your outdoor area in an outdated fashion. In fact, modern tones are in-vogue because of their ability to create the illusion of bigger rooms.

Opt for light coal and off-white shades for contemporary elegance that keeps your area looking fresh and spacious.

5. Fill it with Beautiful Accessories

Building a beautiful outdoor space is easier than you may think. With that natural sunlight and fresh Aussie breeze, you only need to fill it with things you love to create the perfect garden or yard. Ceramic pots and tropical plants work to make your place unique, so you can enjoy spending every minute in your haven. Adding outdoor umbrellas adds shade and shape to an area, without giving up any of the space.