You should never judge a book by its cover, but then it doesn’t hurt to jazz up that cover, does it?

The beauty of Australian homes lies in the diversity. From renovated modern builds, to classic cottages, there are a number of classic colours that promise to enhance your home with a simple lick of paint.

Make the first impression of your home a great one and try these classic yet contemporary colour-palettes, recommended by the experts. From rendered to weatherboard, update the exterior of your property with a colour-palette to suit any kind of home.


Shades of Grey

In recent years, home owners have moved away from traditional colour schemes, and different shades of grey have taken over. If you’re feeling adventurous, darker shades of grey close to a charcoal tone will add a contemporary feel to your property. If not, go with lighter hues of grey. Since they’re slightly more neutral, they offer a modern twist that won’t clash with neighbouring homes in your street. This also leaves room for you to add a pop of colour to your outdoor furniture and accessories; we recommend shades of yellow for the cooler of vibes.


Eternal Neutrals

Play it safe (but never boring) with a palette of neutrals that will never date. Muted tones of colour allow for the house to take a backseat in terms of focal point, leaving your garden and surroundings to do all the talking. Top tip? Paint the trim of your wall in the lightest shade, so that there is a slight contrast between the walls. You can’t go wrong with a fresh, white in contrast with sandy nude shades.


Pop of Colour

Interior designers across the board are in agreement when it comes to bright, accent colours as part of your outer exterior. If you’re going to brave it with a stand-out colour choice, be sure to consider the streetscape. Accomplish the ultimate bright spot, by limiting application to just one or two elements of your property. Whether it’s the trimming of your roof to your picket fence, choose hues that will withstand Australia’s ever-changing weather conditions.


Dark Side Drama

Cross over to the dark side and do something a little different to most Australian homeowners. Deep, dark and bold colours make for a strong choice, and the opportunity to mix things up. From the darkest of blues, to deep charcoals and even greens, why not match the strongest shade of your indoor accessories to your front door, rooftop or walls. Create a quirky sense of uniform, sure to surprise visitors once they get through the door.

Thinking about updating your property? Talk to a colour consultant about choosing the right colour combinations that will really make your home stand out.

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