We know that the use and placement of certain styles of furniture can truly make or break a living space, which is why discovering the latest indoor and outdoor furniture trends is important to look in to before you makeover your home. Choosing the right staple pieces for your living area can be tough, but we’ve pulled together a number of the key furniture trends to look out for in the new year.

From upholstered genius to extravagant curves, the furniture pieces in 2019 mean business.


Futuristic and Geometric

It’s going to be all about geometric patterns in 2019. From asymmetrical patterns and silhouettes to futuristic shapes and forms, look out for the over scaled look. Add a touch of the geometric trend to your outdoor living area with the Hex Side table, available in three colourways and an aluminum coated finish.


Keep it Curvy

With a focus on ‘out-there’ aesthetics, we’re pushing you to embrace the curvy design style when it comes to furniture. Rounded chairs and loungers are a simple way to bring the retro design aesthetic in to your home, and we’re expecting this trend to fully take over. Invest in the Jetstream sofa for your outdoor living space and invite 1970’s chic in to your entertainment area.


Metals and Metallics

Metals are going to be bigger than ever, and in a bolder way than you’ve ever seen them. From brassy metals and glimmering gold luxe to masculine matte black pieces, metals will be used in a more innovative and interesting way than ever before. The slate grey aluminium Balcon Table is the perfect sculpture-based piece to add a more cultivated and artistic look to your outdoor living area.


Blush, Blush, and More Blush

That’s right, Blush furniture is exploding all over the interior design world, so expect lots more of it in 2019. The rosy hue has been deemed as the more interesting alternative to neutral, since it works well with palettes of nudes, greys and other peaceful shades. Team with accent accessories in ranges of deep greens and navy and you’re onto a retro winner.


Black Bolds

Add some drama to your home with accent pieces of matte black, black and dark slate grey. Gone are the days of simple beiges and nudes; it’s all about powerful and staple pieces that draw your attention. From outdoor seating to tables and even beds, black furniture is certainly going to make its mark in the new year.