So, you’ve got a small side yard but you’re not sure what to do with it. One day it’s the designated area for the barbeque, the following week it’s where you hang up the clothes to dry. Sure, you’re not totally neglecting your space, but you’re not making the most out of it either. With a little tender love and care and some quirky garden ideas, this part of your yard can truly flourish.

In fact, there’s actually A LOT that can be done with the forgotten-about, side area of your yard. So, without further or do, keep scrolling for 5 garden and small backyard ideas that will add a little something special to the miscellaneous area of your home.


Overhead Architecture

Don’t want people to notice your old fashioned side fences or outdated footpath? No stress. All you need to do is invest in some overhead architecture and decor to draw people’s attention upwards, rather than to the side. You catch our drift? When it comes to coming up with small backyard ideas, it’s all about tricks that create a visual impact that will enhance the space. Our recommendation? A pergola! This way people won’t notice how small the area is as it will appear wider.


A Vertical Garden

One of our favourite garden and small backyard ideas for teeny tiny side patios, are vertical gardens. Yep, it’s time to start thinking vertically when it comes to your side yard, as let’s face it, there isn’t much room to play with! Clever, pretty and totally worth it, vertical gardens get a thumbs up from us. Either repurpose some old metal style boxes for an arty, vintage-esque feel, keep it simple with wooden shelving, or get creative and paint a wooden shipping palette.


Mini Hideaway Zone

Think of it as a mini hideaway area… Simply pop a small side table, a bench against your fence and some hanging or vertical plants around the designated picnic party and you’re good to go. Ideal for gathering small groups of friends or for some evening ‘me time’, this is one of the most simple and affordable garden ideas you could find. Add some eclectic hanging mirrors, lanterns and even birdages to add an ethereal vibe. A whimsical chillout zone, at it’s finest.


A Mini Villa

If you love being outside and enjoying the fresh air whilst reading a book or sunbathing, this is the perfect idea for a small side patio. Use your side yard innovatively and create a mini-terrace, complete with decking, a sun lounger and soft greenery. Yep, bring the European villa vibes to your side yard and you’ll thank us later.


Seasonal Greens

Make use of your petite patio or pocket garden by creating a mini patio, barbeque and cooking area, complete with your own mini herb garden. Not only will the herbs make your food taste great, but you’ll also find yourself a hobby and give yourself a little ‘me time’ during the upkeep.


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