As the warmer weather rolls around, it’s little wonder why Australians across the country can be found enjoying their back gardens, well in to the evening. There’s nothing like dining outside throughout the summer months or relaxing over a glass of wine. Lounge comfortably in your outdoor space and create an inviting spot for yourself, loved ones and guests with outdoor lighting. The addition of garden lights can truly enhance your backyard, patio and outdoor furniture and accessories.

Discover these creative outdoor lighting ideas and get some inspiration for your own to get your yard in shape for when the sun goes down!


Light-Up Spa Decking

Whether your outdoor setting boasts a pool, a hot tub or you simply have a decking area, this one’s for you. Illuminate your deck, or the decking that surrounds your water feature, with some recessed lighting. Although one of the pricier of ideas, opt for waterproof LED if you do have a pool or hot tub. Create the ideal entertainment space for gatherings or evenings relaxing outdoors with some bistro table and chairs too, all year round.


Focal Point Fine Dining

If your outdoor setting features a large, rectangular dining table, there’s nothing like the addition of an extravagant chandelier or lighting fixture. Hang a large chandelier from a pergola or your patio to add a focal point for your outdoor dining area. When it comes to garden lights, one extravagant centerpiece will create a charming and opulent canopy of light above you whilst you dine.


Festoon Lights

Cosy winter evenings outside on the couch, wrapped in a blanket drinking a glass of red – sounds perfect, right? Ensure you feel even more warm ‘n’ fuzzy in your outdoor setting, with the addition of overhead festoon lights. This provides a ‘roof’ of light to your back garden, ideal for relaxing evenings outside. This is a one of our favourite simple and easy home décor ideas, and these cute garden lights look just as beautiful during summer and the winter months.


Mason Jar Lantern

An affordable revamp, and one of our favourite outdoor lighting ideas seen regularly on the likes of Pinterest, is idea of creating your own lantern/ lamp with a mason jar. All you need to do is fill your Mason jars of choice with fairy lights or a candle. Avoid purple toned whites and opt for warm hued outdoor lighting. These shades work better against a wider range of materials, especially teak and aluminium. Display the mason jars on your outdoor tables and benches for a rustic country feel, or an industrial vibe. Simply magical!

Whether you’re completely renovating your back garden, or you’re simply looking to inject a contemporary new look and feel to your outdoor setting, outdoor lighting combined with accent pieces of furniture can completely change the whole look of your home.

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