We’ve already gone through our favourite tips to helping you host the perfect and stress-free Brunch, but dinner? That’s another story!

Luckily, during the Spring and Summer months, it’s less about the details of the menu, and more about the company, the environment, and simply basking in the sun.

Summer is one of the only times during the year that the thought of heading to a restaurant is actually less appealing than giving things a go yourself. It’s time to embrace entertaining and invite people in to your beautiful home for a beautiful evening! From simple barbeques to meze style sharing platters, hosting a dinner party has never been easier.

Keep it Sociable

Remember, your guests are here to see yourself and the rest of your dinner guests, so if you’re going to be spending time in the kitchen cooking, set up a little area where everyone can mingle and pick at appetizers. By setting up your indoor dining table or kitchen worktop as the designated area for socialising, people will know exactly where they can linger without getting in your way, and you’ll still be in on all the action!

Simple Nibbles

Coming up with summer dinner ideas that will stun your guests in to thinking you’re the next Gordon Ramsay simply isn’t realistic. Sure, you’re going to want to impress them, but don’t put pressure on yourself. Al fresco dining is all about creating a casual but party like atmosphere. Simple nibbles such as olives, nuts, dips and tasty roasted veggie salads work best for large scale dinner parties. Delicious trimmings, without any fuss!

Make A Scene

To create the ‘wow’ factor with minimal effort, opt for some plush flower centerpieces or cute personalised place cards to decorate your outdoor dining table. You’ll find some gorgeous and easy tips on all things arty from Pinterest, and you won’t need to break the bank either! Also, make sure that your table is large enough to seat everyone, and that you have enough chairs. After all, no one wants to feel excluded or eat their dinner standing up!

Keep it Cool

Summer means that you can serve your guests cold food and not feel guilty – so take advantage guys! Stick to a simple menu of grilled, or cold roasted meat or fish teamed with a fresh potato salad. We’re also a little in love with marinated cold seasonal vegetable salads right now! Make sure to include a few types of sauces and dips to get those taste buds tingling. Add some fresh crusty bread and you’re truly on to a winner.

If you’re hosting your first Summer dinner or gathering, we’ve got a wide range of furniture and accessories that perfect for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying your outdoor living area.