Regarded as a premium example of its kind, teak wood makes for luxurious outdoor furniture, proving popular across Australia, and world-wide. We know that, of course.

Although teak outdoor furniture stands out amongst its peers for more than one reason, its beautiful aesthetic appeal is one of its main offerings. Known for its durable and sleek appearance, its beauty goes way beyond its appearance.

The teak difference? It’s surprising history! When you buy teak outdoor furniture and accessories, you’re investing into a material that stretches back across many centuries, with a pretty colourful history.

Since we’re the experts, we thought it only right to give you a little trip down history lane…


The Tree

Teak is a tropical hard wood tree species, native to South and South East Asia and can be found across countries including Malaysia, India, Burma and Thailand. Commonly known as ‘teak’, the name actually stands for the hardwood species,Tectona grandis. Since one teak tree is able to reach incredible heights of up to 200 feet, a mass amount of timber can actually be produced from just one tree – music to our ears!


Original Uses

Originally, native tribes across the south of Asia discovered the durability of the material, using it to build their homes, even using the teak as tools. A surprising use for teak wood though? It’s healing properties. For years, healers across south-eastern Asian countries used the wood to relax digestion difficulties and battle stomach and headaches. Brewed like a tea, the properties of teak go way beyond stylish outdoor furniture.


A Trade Takeover

Way back into the middle ages, teak wood was used for ship construction– durable and strong, they were built to last. By the seventeenth century, the British empire began to request teak for the use of their navy ships. Fast forward a few years, and teak outdoor furniture could be found in the form of benches in British parks, country wide. Interesting fact? A number of palace pillars and bridges across the globe were formed of teak, just check out the incredible Vimanmek Mansion in Bangkok!


The Teak Movement

Extensive durability, stability, and weather resistant features ensure teak is unrivaled by any other type of wood. Its natural oils make for very minimal moisture absorption, which enhances its water and fungi resistant armor. The result? Long-lasting and stable, premium furniture. Park benches eventually lead to tables, chairs, sun loungers and accessories.


Teak Furniture Today

As centuries have passed, the popularity of teak has continued to rise. Its rich appearance and premium quality features trump other timber that is often used for outdoor décor.

The team at Jati continue to create timeless pieces of furniture and accessories, designed to inject style in to your home, yet built to last.

From tables, to coffee tables and lounges, check out our range today.