Years ago (and we mean, way back when), real estate agents would nail a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front garden of a property, whilst homeowners would clean the house and quickly move the dog’s toys outside to prepare for property viewings.

Fast forward to 2019, and the industry has completely changed. Nowadays, there’s a huge home-staging industry, full of experts and interior designers who know exactly what it takes to help sellers craft the type of home that buyers will be queuing outside the front door for.

Putting your home on the market? With some tips from the experts, we’ll help you stage your home, attract potential buyers, and rake in the big bucks on auction day.


So… why Home-staging?

Well, first off, it’s about decorating your home in a way so that its best assets are highlighted. The main goal though? To create a space so welcoming and enticing, that it actually helps potential buyers to feel an emotional pull towards your home, imagining themselves living there too. It’s about selling a lifestyle, and to do so, your home should be styled by the crème de la crème and will definitely need to stand out amongst other homes for sale.

From home furniture to accessories and your overall theme, here’s what you need to remember when you’re in the midst of selling your home.


Do: Seek Guidance

Since a huge amount is riding on this, calling in the professionals will work to alleviate the stresses of preparing your home for auction if you don’t feel you have the time or the know-how to go it alone. With your budget in mind, seek out a professional stylist and interior designers that will come in to your home and give you one-off advice on what you need to keep or alter in your home. Furniture and accessories will either need to be removed or hired for certain rooms too.

It can be tough envisioning a home to its true potential, whilst the experts know exactly what it takes to turn your home décor from drab to fab.


Remember: First Impressions Count

People often make the mistake of focusing solely on the interior of their home, rather than the exterior. If you were to pull up to a house for sale, with a bad paint job, an overgrown garden and rusty, worn outdoor furniture, how would you feel? First impressions aren’t everything, but they’re definitely important.

Start with the exterior of your home, and ensure it looks in tip top condition. Keep it simple, warm and inviting, perhaps place a bench and some plants in your front garden and make sure that your white picket fence is as white as can be! Be sure to highlight architectural features of the home, with contrasting paint colours, and


Picture: Your Dream Home

Your lived-in home is always going to differ from your dream home. That’s why when it comes to selling your property, try and remember the way you felt when you first bought it – excited, and oh so proud! Our advice to you, is to try and capture that exact feeling, and use it for inspiration as you stage your home for other excited potential buyers.