5 Basic Staples for Scandinavian Interior Decorating

5 Basic Staples for Scandinavian Interior Decorating


Get inspiration for one of the world’s ‘go-to’ interior design styles.

Scandinavian design is touted for its forward thinking minimalism, often pairing simple shapes with neutral palettes that are clean and cosy. However, nailing the Nordic look for your nook, can be pretty hit or miss. Not with these staples! Here are 5 elements your space needs to look as authentic as a local IKEA display room.


Natural light:  With sunlight being scarce in the colder seasons of the year, Scandinavian homes are designed to ensure maximum natural light wherever the sun may rise and set. Be sure to get as much light into your space by installing larger windows to your premises, or by removing heavy curtains from your existing casements. Feel free to leave these uncovered or framed by sheer white curtains at most.


Blonde wood: The Birch is a tree commonly found in the northern/colder areas of Europe. Nordic culture has seen its use in areas as diverse as construction to the culinary arts. Its surplus has also resulted in carefully crafted furniture that showcases the wood’s characteristics of durability and fairness (colour wise). If birch is hard to come by in your area, that’s fine. Just be sure to incorporate any light-coloured woods into your room of choice. Start with a blonde wood table or a blonde cabinet in a central location that catches the eye. It’ll create a Scandinavian vibe instantly.


A neutral colour palette: Scandinavian design revolves around a philosophy of minimalist decor and a connection with the organic world. Neutral greys and white fur throws not only resemble the weather and wildlife, but also allow for any additional accents to truly shine within the space. Opt for sheep-skin carpet to plant a (blonde) coffee table on, or a grey sofa to rest an equally neutral knitted throw. All items should be minimally ornate and simple in design. This will allow you to be a little wilder with your next staple….

Local Art: This is where the accenting happens.


Scandinavia is praised for being a vanguard in all things design, so it’s no surprise that local artists are celebrated for their exquisite crafts. With a neutral setting prepared thanks to your minimalist furniture, feel free to choose local artworks that are vibrant, intricate and an expression of your tastes. Popular designed seen in Norwegian homes include paintings done by cult illustrator Bendik Kaltenborn, While the Swedes often opt for carefully crafted Kosta Boda items to add colour and modern style to their shelves and table tops.

Create Cosiness: As the weather can be a bit on the cold side up north, it’s no surprise that cosiness is appreciated in every room. Be sure to create your own personal safe haven with plenty of candles, soft pillows, warm blankets and even a fake fireplace, allowing for ‘cosiness’ to follow you from the kitchen, to the dining room to the toilet! Another great tip is to hang a fabric throw to your wall, keeping in the warmth as well as allowing you to showcase some Scandinavian folk-art and handicraft.

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