The Italians are famed worldwide for doing things with grace, style and meticulous attention-to-detail. From sharp, tailored suits that make the wearer feel like a million dollars, to lasagne sheets that are always served fresh, that “made-to-measure” philosophy runs through so many of the country’s practices.

Italian furniture is no different.

When you want indoor and outdoor furniture that oozes class, style and quality, look no further than our skilled friends on the southern side of Europe.

Custom-Made Furniture

More and more homeowners and interior designers across Australia are choosing custom-made furniture for their spaces and projects. Customisation used to refer to making the odd change here or there; a new trim on a cushion, for example. Now, it’s about creating something unique from scratch, by order of a customer.

Made-to-order pieces are designed to fit perfectly into their space, to create a one-of-a-kind feel in the room it’s designed for. It’s having an emotional connection to a piece of furniture, that you can’t always find with readymade pieces.

Customised furniture is so highly sought-after because of its originality. When you know you can trust a designer with a piece that’s freshly-made just for you, you’ll be rewarded with furniture that’s precious far into the future.


Branded as “the tailored suits of furniture”, BORZALINO adopts Tuscan methods to create personalised furniture.

Through precise fittings to carefully selected colours, BORZALINO has been creating furniture from fine leather, precious marbles and polished woods for over 40 years. The brand’s craft stays true to Italian traditions as it creates bespoke pieces that have found a home in some of the most prestigious venues across the globe.

Care and passion is intertwined into every high-quality piece that’s produced by the designers at BORZALINO. Consulting their Tuscan heritage to continue to evolve the possibilities in furniture design, they’re able to provide every customer with a result that’s charming, elegant and comfortable.

Never ordinary and never duplicated, Italian luxury living is embodied in every stunning piece created by BORZALINO.


Jati is proud to offer tailor-made BORZALINO furniture in our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms. The brand shares our vision and commitment to providing luxury, high-quality products and for this reason, we’re proud to showcase their unique pieces to our customers.

Visit one of our showrooms for tailor-made furniture you could take home.