Surprising Tips for Decorating Your Home that Actually Work

Surprising Tips for Decorating Your Home that Actually Work


When it comes to coming up with home decor ideas, it’s all about paying attention to small details. Small details can leave a big impact, so if you’re a homeowner or renter that’s looking to discover a few simple tips and tricks to basic room decor principles, we’ve curated a little list to help you out.

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and learn the basics of how to decorate your home with indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and colour palettes.

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Experimental Patterns

Make sure that you really make use of layering when it comes to mixing and matching patterns. There’s nothing blander than a home without any form of pattern, even if it’s something as simple as a pot or coffee table book. Patterns add an aesthetic interest to a room so try to give it a go!


Be Big in Small Spaces

People are often too afraid to do much in small spaces, but when it comes to room decor in small areas, interior designers urge decorators to add graphic and bold prints in to the mix. They have a huge impact on small spaces, particularly bathrooms and even powder rooms, so don’t be afraid to go for it!


Mix Time Periods and Styles

When it comes to home decor ideas, people often spend too much time trying to match their furniture and accessories. Instead, mix old and new furniture and styles. A combination of time periods together in one space works well to add character to a home, so don’t think too much in to it. From 17th-century chairs to 18th century tables, give it a whirl.


Colourful Hallways

Often, people are a little wary when it comes to bright colours, or any colours at all in their hallways. Push yourself and break the ‘rules’ by opting for a vivacious hue for your hallway space. We’re talking deep purple, forest green and deep navy to really make your room decor POP. Start stepping outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your home decor ideas and the unexpected will start to work in your favour, we promise.


Mix Metals

Add a warmth to your home and metal pieces, by mixing various metals and furniture. We’re talking brass inlays, metallic accessories against matte metals and more. Try adding a modern edge to your outdoor living area by combining an aluminum table with quirky curved wooden seating and patterned rugs for an eclectic feel.


Now we’ve given you a few basic tips to decorating your home, why not browse the collection of indoor and outdoor furniture at Jati and refresh your home in a bolder way than ever before!

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